Am I pregnant? 1 line test faintly positive but took 2 digital and both negative



I took this test on Tuesday and redid the test the next morning with the Clear Blue Week estimaters and it says Negative. Went to the clinic and did a pee test and that was negative. Took another this morning and it was negative. Now doing a blood test to check if I am pregnant. Last period was 18-21st of July but 3 days before then I had to take a morning after pill that caused my period to come. It lasted only 4 days and it wasn't heavy like normal. I believe I was already late on my period To begin with. So...what do you think?


  • Blue dye tests are notorious for false positives and evap lines.  Digital tests are not usually very sensitive.  I'd try a first response - they are pink dye and usually very sensitive 

  • I'm having the same problem. Except 2 positive and 2 digital negatives. help I'm confused! imageimage

  • Shay try a pink dye test .Sorry but your clear blue cross tests look like evap lines they  are skinny and off centre. When is your period due?

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