Can any one help me.

Hiya all,

I've taken 2pregnancy tests. Also had a urine done by doctors they have all come back negative. My last period was the 30 th may. I've not had one since.was due af on the 2ND August still hasn't shown up. I've had sore boob's like hell lately, head aches .. I biked to Tesco's with my little brother at 2:30 am to buy ice cream.ive noticed the lower stomach is bloated. I've been constipated feel sick also have a back ache ... I'm tired alot but that could be because I've been decorating I've had some cramps but noting bad.I don't normally get cramps when I'm on my period or after ... It's normally my back that hurts at the time off the month. Surely if I was pregnant it would show up. I would be around 9 weeks. My doctor did a swob and bloods is there any thing else other than pregnancy ? Please help me ? 


  • I'm kinda in the same situation as well!! I haven't done a blood test yet though. You could also request for an ultrasound I believe!

  • How would I go about that? Even the doctors said negative. Wow two home tests came back negative. 

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