Had a miscarriage in December and done a test but confused? Help anyone

I came on my period on the 23rd July I came on 2 days early suppose be the 25th I didn't realise I was coming on as normally get stomach pains but didn't get any at all. I was on for at least 5 days i came off my period then 4 days later I had a light spotting for 2 days and yesterday I took a pregnancy test and forgot look at it till bedtime when I looked it had to line one was faint but can see it and today I took another but later in afternoon and its come back negative Can anybody help? I had my hopes up I was pregnant I've been trying since I had miscarriage in December have been getting symptoms too image


  • It could be one of two things - either you are early on in pregnancy so that test will only detect through first wee of the day or you aren't pregnant & the line is an evaporation...only way to be certain is to test again first thing 

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