Someone please help!!

So today is day 2 of my missed period. I'm having a lot of pregnancy symptoms but after 2 negative pregnancy tests, I'm starting to think it's all in my head! I tested with first urine of the day today and still got a negative test. Is it possible to want a baby so much that your mind convinces your body that you're pregnant? My periods are normally very regular, why am I getting negative tests?? Very frustrating


  • Hi Holly,

    Firstly you could be testing too early. You would likely be around 4-5wks pregnant at this point which not all tests will detect, you may need to try again next week when hormone levels will be higher if you are.

    With regards to 'Can your body mimic pregnancy' the answer is yes. It is called 'phantom pregnancy' & you can get positive test results, growing bumps, morning sickness & leaking breasts only to discover that the womb is empty (It doesn't happen often but some women can go the entire 9mths before their symptoms fade).

    Hope you get answers soon. Good luck. X

  • Thank you:) X

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