Pregnant? Pic attached


Top is yesterday am 

Middle is yesterday eve 

Bottom is this morn 

All frers. Line showed within 3 mins. Faint on all but seems to be getting darker. Only took out of casing to photograph 

On cd23 with af due cd28. 

Since cd17 I've had 3 days of brown and pink spotting (v unusual for me!) some sharp stabbing pains around left ovary, dull pains behind belly button, sudden craving for coffee though I have always hated it - love it now!, some bouts of dizziness and more. 

What do you think? 

I've got 2 frers left to pee on, along with 2 Internet cheapies 10mui, 3 first response normal and 2 cb digitals!!! When is this line likely to darken? Tomorrow? Monday? 

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