Tamoxifen success stories helping ovulation?

Hi ladies:)

So after my 4th miscarriage last D&C end of Feb this year my gynaecologist is prescribing me Tamoxifen  on 1st Sept at my next appt.

All fertility tests mainly bloods have all come back normal but I've noticed since my last D&C that my temps are lower than usual. My progesterone came back at 24 but my Gynea chap insists if I wasn't ovulating my result would be much lower at around 0-5? I have no idea:/

He said try for 3 more cycles ( I'm cd7 of 3rd cycle now) so appt for Tamoxifen is upon us nearly!

I have 3 children already 2 boys and a girl but lost my 4 th boy at 5 1/2 months pg. we are ttc one last time to help us move on from the late miscarriage that broke our hearts:(💔

Im now 39 and thought maybe age was an issue but my Gynea said my eggs have aged but sees no reason to not have another:)

So anybody whom has been prescribed Tamoxifen I wondered how you got on??



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