Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the first part of Just finished O heading into 2 week wait. The first part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Do let us know if that's not the case.

We'd like to wish you all lots of baby dust.



  • Hello ladies we have moved lol. Welcome to our new digs. 

    how is everyone today ? 

    Butterfly, 5dpo is really early to get a BFP, sometimes first response do have really bad evap lines, one of the ladies on this thread had one last month # jackobell. I hope this is not the case for you and you do have a rare early BFP the only way to be sure is keep testing to see if the line gets stronger. You could also try superdrug own brand. Fingers crossed for you X

  • I would have said it was definitely an evap line from the negative yesterday.... but the one I did this morning came up as a pink line this morning straight away... am going to try not to get my hopes up just in case.

    this is enough to drive you crazy! LOL


  • Hi everyone! #BabyDust to all! My brain tells me to get out of bed and go to work. My body is telling me I've ran a marathon and need rest. Cervix high and soft. I will wait a few days before testing again. Like 2 weeks or so to see if AF is playing hide and seek. If she doesn't come in the 2 weeks then I will test.

  • This 2ww is excruciating!!

    Fingers x for everyone!

  • Hi all just checking into our new home lol

    just an update. AF is due this Friday. I am cramping on and off today and have a lot of discharge. I put on a liner and it is somewhat yellow in colour but clear when I wipe. Not sure if this is a good sign or AF is coming early??

  • Just found this thread - I am on page 3 of it, but its very amusing reading if you guys have the time - someone who has started testing from 5dpo for the sake of it just to see what happens...


  • Hey ladies. Hope you don't mind me joining. Me and my fiance TTC baby no1. This is my first month trying properly. Have an app which told me i was ov Thursday and we bd sat sun Mon Tues missed wednesday and did it twice Thurs morning🙈. Hoping we caught that egg. Im now 11dpo. AF due Thursday. Not many symptoms other than tender breasts n nipples for like a week. Acid reflux now n then. The odd headache. Major increase in hunger and sex drive lol. The odd achy pain on my ride side. Hot flashes and stuffy blocked type nose. (So much for not many symptoms) seems more when i type it lol. 

  • Hi misshunt!!

    Sound promising - goodluck :) I too am TTC for the first time after a MC - very nervy wait. I am 5dpo, and getting the same symptoms - although i am worried my body is playing tricks on me!!

    everyone here is really nice :) good luck x

  • It starts to make you feel like you're loosing you're mind doesn't it. I've started adding all the symptoms to my notes on my phone the minute i feel anything😂. And so will you be testing early? Im hoping to wait til friday morning if af hasn't shown

    Good luck to you. Hope this is you're month x

  • Well I stupidly bought some tests so that they would be there and all ready when the time came after patiently waiting.

    I did 2 over the weekend, as I needed to rule out a false positive after my miscarriage a few weeks ago - i figured they would be negative a I had a smiley face on Wednesday last week and they were. however being the impatient little twerp I am, I did a test this morning and got a faint positive immediately! So I think I will be driving myself crazy now for the next few days.

    Haven't told the OH and have just ordered replacement tests for the ones I used and probably shouldn't have!! LOL


  • I've done that before lol. A few month ago i realised we hadn't used any protection so got a few tests in ready for the following week to make sure and used them early. Was certain they were faint positives but obviously not lol. Turned out indent lines. 

    If yours has colour and came up quickly that is definitely a positive sign. 

    My oh is more into this baby making than i am. Bit because of false positives before i wanna make sure its certain before i tell him.

    Have you checked you're cervix position? Personal i know lol

    I read it can sometimes indecate pregnancy as well as body temp. Id imagine 3 days before af my cervix would have came back down but nope its still up high.. Fingers crossed x

  • TBH i wouldn't even know what was high or not!!! LOL

    Last time I waited 5 days before telling my OH I was late and even then I didn't want to take a test.... things were simpler then when I had no idea!!

    Yeah they are pink lines and came up immediately - weren't even morning first either. 7am after getting up at 4am for a wee and then I did it again at lunchtime just to make sure (thats the same time I got the negative yesterday) still don't want to get my hopes up! 

    fingers crossed indeed! x

  • I read that its low during af and goes high during ov. But now afs three days away and its still high. 

    Its silly but i felt like id let him down. I know he's wanting it just as much as me.

    There definitely looking good if there pink and on time

    It does happen that sometimes women produce a lot of hcg hence able to find out early. You body may be super advanced. I understand why you're heads a bit messed up about it though. It would drive me crazy. 

    Its surreal how much this takes over you're life isn't it lol x

  • Definitiely - I said I wouldn't be like this - totally am!

    I felt like a failure too - after not being after to keep number one safe and sticky, its like added pressure - made worse by my niece announcing she is 8 weeks gone despite being on the pill!

    Has spurned me on, and really hope I haven't screwed myself over by testing too early and giving myself false hope!


  • they say you're super fertile over MC so maybe thats it.... hope so!


  • Your cervix is low during af and high during ov. Bit i imagined with af three days away it would have dropped. But nope

    And its silly i felt like id let him down because i know he wants it just as much as me. So ill keep it to myself this month. He keeps asking about symptoms and stuff bless him. 

    And its definitely looking good if you are getting pink lines in time frame. It does happen. Some women do produce a lot of hgc even early. Hopefully your body is a little advanced and can pick this one up super early. 

    It starts to make you feel like you're a bit crazy. Something so natural driving you insane haha x

  • I have no idea why that has reposted lol. 

    And yeah its awful over thinking every last detail. My mother is 36 and is pregnant again. I mean i understand im only 20 and stuff but i just would rather do it younger for me personally. Im at a good place in my life and feel like now would be good for me. I was overjoyed for my mam but a bit upset it wasn't me. I felt so guilty for feeling that way. 

    So i know what its like. It spured me on two hence why i started tracking ov and stuff 

    And yeah i heard after mc and after having children you're at you're more fertile x

  • Now I feel old - I am 36 and trying for my first!! LOL x 

  • You're not old lol. My mams 36 and pregnant. Almost 30 weeks too. Hopefully i can join her for her last few weeks x

  • LOL!

    Fingers crossed for you. It's so stressful it really is! lets hope we won't have to go through it again!

    I keep trying to wrack my brains back to how I felt last time and how early, but because I had no idea, its difficult to pinpoint how early the symptoms started! only thing i don't have yet is sore boobs... but they are starting to itch and tingle. If anything I feel more sick this time round and have even gone off morning coffee - but again this could al lbe paranoia!


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