Could I be??

hi ladies, 

my partner and I are ttc but have not long started, so are enjoying the practice, and are not looking too far into ovulation dates etc although we can pinpoint a rough time.

so, after being very active, we took note of when af should be due (3/8/16 or around then). The week leading up to this, I had increasingly sore boobs, lots of cramping as if af was coming, frequent headaches, increased thirst (leading to increased urination), the start of a uti. i took 3 tests during this week, all of which were negative.

on 4/8/16 I had what I assumed was the start of af, light red blood, small amount, not enough for a tampon. This continued on and off for 1.5 days to which it then turned brown. This stopped today (8/8/16) and I have had the worst backache and still cramping, although mainly on one side and my boobs are still really sore, although not as bad as they previously had been. Is this af or implantation bleeding?

my question now is when should I test? i have 'researched' and lots of people say 1-3 days after the IB but is that 1-3 days after it starts, or 1-4 days after it finished? there is lots of conflicting stories, I wish all our bodies were the same, would make it a lot easier!

thanks for your help!


  • Hi didn't want to read and run So I'd test one of my symptoms was thrush never have this normally. I also had implantation bleed but mine was literally when I wiped three or four spots 3 times one day I'd never had this with my previous 2 and thought it was my af. So i tested 6 days after that bleed and got a faint positive so waited and tested 4 days later. Test with the first morning wee and maybe wait a few more days if u can, i know it's hard but the longer u wait the better good luck 

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