Period No Show. Need some advice. I'm so anxious.

I'm looking for a little advice, maybe something to help me keep a level head. Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes...

Before I start I should give you a little back history to me. 

Me and hubby have been trying for about a year. I'd had a few health issues and went in for surgery in Feb this year where I found out they had removed some cysts and that I had endometriosis. Luckily no lasting damage was done and although it will return I was given the all clear by my surgeon to begin trying for a baby again. 

So fast forward to now. I couldn't get the hang of keeping track of periods and ovulation, it really confused me. 

So I got a period tracker app. Which has been brilliant. It predicts your next period and your most fertile window. Been using it for about 4 months. And I found that my cycle is like clockwork. Roughly a 27 day cycle. I start light brown spotting the day before my period is due then my period lasts about 4 days, 1 day of which is very heavy and then it's light from that point. 

Each month I suffer with sore boobs, fatigue & nausea. I guess that's just how my periods are. 

But this month, about a week after ovulation I started getting dizzy. Like really dizzy. So bad infact I went to the pharmacy to get my blood pressure checked. It was completely normal but I was told to keep an eye on it. For about a week I was so dizzy and ridiculously tired. 

So about 5 days ago my boobs started hurting only this time they felt like they were burning. I've never experienced that before. 

Now today is when my period should be here but it's not. I had no spotting yesterday like I usually do. I've got a slight dull ache in my pelvis as though I'm going to come on at any minute but there's nothing. Sorry to be TMI but there's no wet feeling, infact I'm dry as a bone. 

I looked through my app this morning to check stuff because I'm convinced my period is coming. I've been like clockwork for the last 4 months I've been using this app. 

This month is weird. I also looked at times that we were initiate during this month, we did the deed 4 times during my fertile window and 1 of those days was my ovulation day ( I didn't realise this until I came to document it later that day haha) 

Now I know what y'all thinking... Do a test right? I know I'm dying to but equally I just can't face the BFN when it could equally still be too early to tell, know what I mean? I keep convincing myself the data could all be wrong. Maybe my endo is messing my cycle up? Or maybe my period is a cruel thing lol.

Has anyone else been through this and what was the outcome? I've never been this close before, usually I'm convinced I'm there but then the day before my period is due I start spotting. So this month has got me freaking out a little. 

We've relaxed more this time, I only document this stuff for my own health really. 

So when do you think I should test? I'm hopeful but equally scared to death. 




  • You definitely have a lot of very promising symptoms. 

    I know how you feel. That BFN when you really think you may have done it this month is heartbreaking.

    But with pregnancy its better to find out sooner rather than later as you need to correct vitimans and stuff for baby.

    Try a test with fmu. You may even get a faint positive. If its not a BFP then wait a few days and try again if af doesn't come.

    Best of luck and keep me updated 😚 x

  • Thank you so much for replying. I just did a test. Didn't see your response until after doing it. 

    Did a first response test and it was BFN. 

    But I think if period is still a no show tomorrow then I will test in the morning like you suggested. Thanks so much for responding and I will keep you updated 😊

  • A little update! 

    Still no sign of period. Had a little cramping last night but I think I was just gassy. 

    Still got that like dull ache in my hips like AF is coming but no show at all. 

    I was going to test today but I'm going to hang on. I'm actually seeing my consultant today. It's my follow up from surgery in Feb. Can't believe all this is happening at the same time lol. 

    If there's still no AF by the time my appointment comes around today then I will ask his opinion on it all. They're going to test me there anyway (I read that on the letter this morning) so no point wasting money on a test. 

    Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm so nervous. 


  • Hey delta. Hows it all going? X

  • Hi Hun. 

    I've got my appointment later so maybe he can shed some light on it all. Still no sign of AF. Got slight cramping but not like usual. And I cant tell if I'm just hungry actually haha. 

    Im so nervous. I don't know if I'm pregnant (which would be awesome) or its my endo playing havoc with me :( 

    Thanks for checking in with me though xxxxxx

  • Fingers crossed you have a little surprise waiting for you. 

    Im 13dpo today. Af due tomorrow. 

    Had so many symptoms and achy feeling cramp in my side again today. So im hoping for a BFP Friday if af doesn't show. 

    Ill let you know though. 

    Hope the appoinment goes well 


  • Oh yes keep me updated too! We'll get each other through this! hehe. 

    You are keeping me sane! Haha. Fingers crossed af doesn't come for you! 

    I'll let you know how I get on later xxxx

  • We sure will... 

    Its nice to have someone to talk to isn't it.

    Super moody today. Every little thing OH is doing is annoying me so damn much. Literally even breathing i want to punch him. Definitely hormonal. Lol

    I hope it doesnt too. 

    Praying everything went or goes well at you're appointment 


  • Oh bless you. I'm the same with my hubby. A mix of hormones and anxiety, we must be lovely to live with lol.

    Just got back from my appointment. Everything is all good health wise and if I'm not pregnant in 6 months then I go back to him for help. 

    He can't really shed much light on my current situation. The test was negative but he said that could be two things. 

    Either its still too early and I'm not producing enough pregnancy hormone or I haven't ovulated this month. 

    But I feel I did ovulate this month so not too sure on that verdict. 

    Hes told me to just hang tight and see what happens. Try testing in a week if AF is not here and I've got to start taking folic acid right away. 

    So so we will see. 

    How are you feeling? X

  • We must be huh. He's just avoiding me at the moment lol.

    More achy pains not much just now and then. I thought my cervix had dropped bit when oh checked he said its no different and im just panicking over nothing lol. 

    This makes us crazy doesn't it. I guess it just shows how much we want it. I have had a little more aches in my left lower abdomen hopefully that's something to do with pregnancy and not af😒. 

    I wasn't too fussed at the beginning but now im actually trying im really into it and wanting that bfp. 

    Im glad you're check went well and that you're nice and healthy. 

    If you feel you've ov hopefully your hormone just isn't strong enough yet. I took another test there's a line that came up but it doesn't look like much colour so mist be dodgey. 

    Fingers crossed for you're next test. Do you think you'll be able to wait a week? If youre anything like me you wont be able to lol xx

  • I think I'm just going to try. I can't keep torturing myself like this, it's driving me insane. I was the same too. Wasn't too fussed with it all but now I'm really trying but equally trying to not be too serious with it. 

    Yeah what does all the cervix stuff mean? Cos when I checked mine the other day I wasn't sure what I was looking for. It felt kinda high and hard? 

    Ooo fingers crossed for you. It does sound promising. If it doesn't work out for us both then we will have to get each other through the next month haha. 

    Yeah mine is avoiding me at the moment although I must say they certainly know what buttons to press haha xxx

  • Morning delta. 

    The cervix thing. Its low and hard after af. Then through ov it goes up high and soft. After ov its supposed to come back down to allow you're next af to come on. Except mine hasn't. It takes a while to get to know you're cervix properly which is why many people advise you not to just use that as a sign of pregnancy. But it can be a good one. 

    If nothing comes at least we can try again next month and have each other to talk to when OH is driving us crazy. 

    He's been alright today so far. But that can change lol. Sometimes a think he's just testing me to see if i retaliate hahaha. 

    Quick update. Af is due today. No sign of her so far. Cervix is still very high so hopefully she's not coming. Woke up feeling quite sick this smorning. Hoping its all linked together and not just a coinsidense.

    How are you today? Whats the update on you xxx

  • Ah I see. But yeah you're right, it's probably not the best idea to judge everything on that because I'm not really sure what I'm doing and to be honest it makes me feel abit icky, I'm such a wuss when it comes to things haha. 

    Well it sounds promising for you, so far so good. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you hehe. Keep me updated! Is there some kind of rain dance we can do to keep the evil AF away? Lol 

    Yeah mine is behaving himself at the moment but like you it could all change haha. 

    But you're right we will get each other through. I'm fairly new to these forums so it's been so good to talk to someone. 

    Not much going on with me at all. Still no AF and I'm officially 2 days late. But no cramping now. Hardly any cm. The only thing is I felt sick earlier. So sick that I actually threw up in my mouth a little but that's died down now. 

    Im starting to wonder if maybe I didnt ovulation? But I'm sure thats not right. I had all the symptoms bang on time, the cm and cramps, everything. 

    I mean if that's the case, what's the symptoms with that? How long do I go on before I consult a doc? This is mental torture. 

    I hope if your AF doesn't come that you get a bfp because this is mental lol. 

    If rather just know now so I can just try again next month. I hate limbo lol xxx

  • Thank you. I was there was something i could do to keep her away. If im not pregnant though id rather shed just hurry up so i can get trying again. 

    I've just noticed my nipples have stopped hurting so i think im out this month. 

    As much as its gross sickness is good !! 

    If af shows her face try using ovp next month then you'll know for sure if you ov'd

    If you didn't ov on the day you thought you would have definitely ov'd by now. Its just a case of holding out for a positive test or af i think. 

    And yeah i wish you could buy some sort of magic camera that you could put on youre see inside if there's a sac or not 😂 xxx

  • I know it's so frustrating! 

    Hang in there, you're not out yet! 

    ive just got home from work and was sick so did a test (naughty I know) 

    now im more confused than ever! 

    The bfn is quite visible but then there's a faint line running through it like a cross. So confused. Maybe it's a faulty test? Lol 


  • What's ovp by the way?

  • Me personally i would test again and wouldn't trust that test. Seems a bit faulty to me. They shouldn't have a line going sideways lol. 

    And ovp is an ovulation test pack. Its like a pregnancy test but if its positive it means your ovulating. Take them leading up to the day you suspect your ov. Take them with afternoon pee prefebly the same time each day. When the test line becomes as dark or darker than the control line it means you'll ovulate within 12-24 hours xx

  • Ah I've heard about those! Yeah I think I will try them next time. So if I'm not pregnant and I've just not ovulated will I still get an AF? Otherwise I won't know when to track my cycle lol. 

    Sorry to bombard you with all this, I really appreciate your help lol

    Yeah it's weird and I'm glad you can see it too, started to think I was going crazy cos I had never seen that before haha. 

  • Yeah youll still get af. Shell just come a little later than usual

    Don't be silly. don't need to thank me. I've been in the background reading this site for a month or so but only posted the other day so I've picked up a lot. And i know how crappy it is in a situation where you know nothing lol

    Af is staying away still. Sides of my boobs are still so painful and now I've started getting achy pains in the tops of my legs. 

    This month is definitely different bit im not sure if that may be because i wasn't trying like i am now 

    Lets hope im not crazy and these are pg symptoms 

  • I know what you mean, I've not posted on here before, sometimes I would have a little look but I'm very much a newbie to all this haha. 

    Your symptoms sound promising though! As long as AF is at bay then you're always in with a chance! I just hope you don't have what I'm going through. I thought I was in with a chance but now I'm getting bfn it's so confusing. 

    Its very much like you though, cos this month is so different for me too but maybe it's because I'm taking note of it more, who knows haha. 

    Im really hoping you get your positive soon! X

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