3 faint lines - 2 negative digitalis 😬

These 3 tests were taken on 13dpo & 14dpo... Am I just seeing things? Is this an evap or indent line? Or is this for sure a positive? imageimageimage


  • Hey am. 

    I can see the lines on all three. If its still early that will be because its still early. 

    If you are pregnant the line will get darker in two days as pg hormone doubles every 48 hours. So if no af in two days try again with fmu hopefully its two stronger lines. 

    Also cb digitals aren't so good in early pregnancy. There sensitivity is quite low so its better to wait a week or two before trying with them

     Also some women do get pregnant straight away the majority of them don't so don't panic. 

    Fingers crossed you get your bfp. Keep us updated x

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