positive or evaporation? :-/

Hi everyone!

I'm new to forum just looking for advice... been trying for a while and this morning took a first response test, am 5 days from due (Sunday), or 4 days if you don't count the day of? I'm not sure which way around you're supposed to count it? :-)

I thought at first glance the test was negative ( :-( ) but then I looked a few hours later in better light and I saw this faint pink line, I don't know if you can see from the pic it's so hard to get a good shot of it but it's definitely a line although very faint and it looks pink to me. 

The light was bad when I took the first test (quite early in the morning, over excited!) so I'm not sure if the faint line was there after the 3 mins or not... I'm worried that it is a evaporation line as I've been reading they can confuse the answer after 10 minutes... and when I looked again it was a few hours later. :(

I'm going to take another test in a couple of days, but don't want to spend lots of money on tests if it's definitely a no...

Can anyone tell me if they think it looks like a positive or an evaporation line? And if it's a few hours after, is it not a valid test anyway?

Also whether you count the day you're due in the days before that you can take the test..

Sorry for long post, super excited but afraid it is another disappointment :-(



  • Ah also my boobs have been sore and sort of heavy for the last 9 days, which is way longer than normal pre-period pain... normally I start getting sore boobs about 2-3 days before start of period but my boobs this time started getting sore a few days after ovulation (during which I had intercourse) and have stayed sore for about 9 days now and I'm not due my period for another 4 days.... so I'm thinking this may be a positive sign? Otherwise I haven' noticed any of the early pregnancy symptoms that I've read about... :)

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