Wanting to start my family so bad

ok me and my husband had a miscarriage about a year ago. we have been trying recently to get pregnant again. I started period yesterday but I got really really sick to my stomach. we wanted to be sure so we got a pregnancy test. when I took it a really faint line appeared saying I was pregnant! it was so faint I almost missed it. but a little while later it had darkened up a little! but I did the clear blue digital test today and it said "not Pregnant" but then I read somewhere that the digital ones don't seem to be correct when you first get pregnant and if the line was faint, its supposed to mean you are pregnant but your hormone levels haven't raisen much yet. I just want to know if I'm pregnant. I have a few symptoms but it seems like I'm on my period even though I am 3 days early then when I was supposed to start

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