Please help am I pregnant

Hi guys please help I'm so confused I have done a clear blue test this morning and it came up negative but when I used the first response test it came up with a faint second pink line both within the 3 minutes I will attach a photo could I be pregnant image


  • image

    Here is a better picture

  • I can see the line for sure. If its pink then that's even better

    Pregnancy hormone gets stronger every two days. So try again in two days and you're lines should be a little stronger. 

    If you're lines are getting stronger you're definitely pregnant. 

    Good luck xx

  • Thank you so much :) I'm so excited I took a test two days ago and the second line was there but much lighter but today you can actually see it properly so the line is getting darker as the days go by xx

  • Ah that's brilliant. Congratulations xx

  • Hi me again sorry I did another first response test this morning but got a negative no line at all but a big positive yesterday am I pregnant I'm very confused and feel disheartened this morning x

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