Am i pregnant

I tuck a cheap pregnant test and i had a faint line and i tuck 2 clear blue test and said am not and i come on really late for only 2 days and i dont know what to think can anyone help?


  • May have just been an implant bleed. Do you have a picture of you're faint positive?

    It may just be too early for clear blue

     Although they are good tests sometimes they cant detect early pregnancy x

  • Am not on the implant i am on the pill and no o dont have a picture sorry do you think i am or not and thanks x

  • She meant an implant bleed. Not the implant in your arm. 

    Id wait a couple of days and test again. I'm currently 4 days late but have negative tests. I've been told by a doctor that sometimes it's best to wait until you're 7-10 days late and then do a test but every woman is different. 

    So have you actually had a bleed for 2 days but it was late? I'm no expert but sometimes that happens. I've had that happen to me a few times in the past whilst I was getting the hang of my cycle. Do you track and monitor your periods? 

    If you're worried you could always speak to a doctor :) 

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