Newly TTC

hi all

my partner and i have begun ttc this month, so I am completely new to the whole world of OPK's

ive downloaded numerous apps to try and predict my O day, all of which have said it was Tuesday or wednesday this week. The OPK tests have been getting darker as the week has gone on, but have never been a true positive. Today I've had what i believe to be ovulation pain, but even today the test line still isn't as dark as the control line. Can a lighter line still be a positive result? 

Thank you for any tips or guidance round this :) xxx


  • Hi, yes, I think so! but is be careful  you've only just started using your app as it takes a few months of entering data everyday for them to get more accurate. I'd continue to OPK each day, if your getting darker then you may still not have o'd. I've been tracking a while trying to pinpoint my O ready for trying. It's only in the last two months I've actually had a real true positive result where the test line was darker, and thats because I tested twice to 3 times a day when I was at my peak time. I tend to get stronger results in the evening rather than early morning myself. Just because you haven't had a really dark line doesnt mean you havent or arnt about to O. Don't forget sperm can live up to 5 days inside you, so I'd just get busy and hope for the best!! X

  • Thank you ☺️ I've added the last 6 months worth of periods and symptoms to the app as have been making a note of them on my calendar anyway, my periods used to be really irregular so I've always tracked quite obsessively 

  • You should have plenty of data then and it should be relatively accurate. My cycles are a bit irregular but only in the sense of varrying between 32 and 36 days! The people who gave these 28 day on the dot cycles amaze me! just shows how we are all so different! I got cheap opk's off ebay, that way I can use as many as I want and dont worry about the cost. X

  • Me too! Mine now vary between 29 and 32 days, and have done pretty much for the last 6 months, although in the past have been known to be up to 40! ive always envied those with perfect 28 day "time your watch" by it cycles! Lol

    i bought a couple of boxes of Boots own brand as they were much cheaper than others, although I can see the cost of those quickly spiralling, think I'll have to get some online too. 

    I think the next 2 weeks are going to kill me, I'm such an impatient person! Lol I've already got a box of pregnancy strips waiting. previously I'm sure the time between periods goes in the blink of an eye, but I feel it's going to start feeling like forever now we're actively trying. 

  • I know, we're not trying for another 7 weeks yet but I'm already eyeballing pregnancy tests online so I can have a few hidden away when the time comes!! very jealous that you're already in your tww but I know my time is coming very soon! Every day I get closer. Xx

  • 7 weeks will fly by Hun! 

    I think the OH is a bit shell shocked at how quickly I've become so obsessed, but he gave  the green light to try and I've run with it! Lol he's more of a "let's try and it will happen" where as I'm more of a control freak and want to make sure everything is giving us the biggest chance possible 

  • My OH knowns I'm mental, been on pre natal vitamins since I came off the pill in December and turns out he had to go in my drawer in February so discovered my opk's and 2 books on waiting to try and conception & pregnancy! And that's before we have even started trying!! X

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one then! Lol x

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