Am i pregnant or is it a mind trick?

Hi all, 

Am i imagining my symptoms or are they real?! 

We have been ttc for 5 months and this month im having some weird symptoms. AF is due in a few days and for the past 10 days since ovulation i have been feeling strange with the below:

Tender and heavy boobs

Lower abdominal bubbling feeling with pulling twinges

Slightly raised temperature

Very pale spotting 

Acne (unusual)

Slight nausea and headaches

Do you think this means anything? Am i willing it on too much? I have not had these symptoms before in the two week wait? I normally get AF with no prior warnings but on time. This is our second child but the first was unplanned and although welcome life was very different and i wasnt watching out for the changes! 

Thanks all in advance!

J x image


  • Forgot to mention the metallic taste and constant need to pee! X

  • So AF arrived this morning. image

    I'm trying not to be too dissappointed but i really thought this month would be different. 

    Good luck to all ttc,babydust to you all. Will continue to blog if you want to keep up with my progress. 

    How is everyone else getting on? 


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