Is this a faint positive?

imageimagettc baby number 1. Period is two days late. Symptoms are hot flashes. High cervix. Heartburn. Sore boobs white little white lumps increasing each day. Achy pain in left lower abdomen. Legs aching and back pain. Frequent wees. Very thirsty. Increased hunger. Sleeping more. Took a few frer and some could be faint positives but second lines have barely any colour so counting them as indent or evap. Took two cheapies today just t see and the first was afternoon diluted wee. Thought i seen something so forced another wee and took the second and a darker line appeared. Bit Still so very faint. Photo quality isn't that good but what do you guys think? X


  • Hmm I think I can see something. Just try again in a couple days and it should be darker if your in fact preggo. Good luck!!

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