PCOS after 30

Hey everyone

I was just wondering about whether someone has tried to conceive after the big 30 with PCOS. I was diagnosed at 28 and although my fiance and I had been together we decided to get more established before we have a baby. We're married and he has his PhD so we have started trying to have a baby. I am turning 31 in a few months, so I am sure I am not that old yet, but with the PCOS I am afraid it might take ages or I might go through miscarriages. My Gynecologist is a lovely lady who assured me that there are treatments, but I am already taking Metformin and I would like to try the natural approach first. Doctors can be so, well, medically oriented, so I was hoping someone on this thread can tell me a little of their experience and if I should give up hope and just go for the treatments, all costing time and money, which I would rather invest in my husband and baby (if it is possible). 

I am slightly overweight, but my weight has come down in the last two years since I was diagnosed. I took it all to heart, the diagnosis, I mean and started eating better, getting more exercise even though my job is stressful and take up more time than I care to share. Sorry, just a bit of background, oh, we've not been trying too long yet, only two months, but I am still stressing since we would both like to have a baby. 

I hope someone out there has some knowledge to share, some experience that can have me stress less or at least decide to try still before we jump on the fertility treatment wagon.

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