Implatation or AF? Help

Hey girls

I've read so much on other people's stories as I'm sure we all do.. but I feel I'd like to explain what's going on with me to understand some others point of views to help me.. 

I'm pretty regular, occasionally a day or too late but nothing I get myself worked up on as my husband and I are TTC.. this month however I get liturally 2 pin sized blood dots on my tissue when I wiped.. this happens 12dpo which is sometimes IB? It happens  again 2 days later, but just 1 droplet. Never has this happened.. I'm thinking ok, maybe this could be the time.. until 8 days later (21dpo) I get a bleed. It didn't feel normal though, no pms, no common signs just ta-da... blood and I figure it's AF. I'm in day 3 of a weird flow.. (bright red, muscusy) but half way through today it just stopped. Been to the toilet, wiped and no trace? For me it's abnormal and I cant forget the couple of dots of blood a few days before indicating possible IB. Am I on to something or looking for something that isn't happening?

Any thoughts, past experience for those who've bleed and had a BFP would be great. I just don't want to get a hmp yet,but would appreciate a little couple of stories from people.

Thanks so much for reading


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