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hi everyone Ive been pregnant before twice but lost both of my children due to miscarriages, these were both this year. Me and my boyfriend really want a baby and are still trying but nothinf is seeming to work, now two of my sister are pregnant and it just hurts to see them going through everything I was suppose to be going through with my babies, just need a bit of advice does anybody know how to get pregnant quicker or positions anything will help thanks x


  • Have you had any testing done to see if there is a reason for your multiple misscarrages? I had my son 3 years ago no problem then when we tried for our second nothing happened finally after a year I got pregnant but ended in misscarage so I saw my ob and she did blood work to rule out blood clotting disorders check my hormone levels and a ultrasound. I found out I had poly cystic ovaries and my hormones were off so I was only ovulating a few times a year. So she started me on medication and after two cycles I am now 18weeks pregnant with twins. So hang in there and definaly push for testing of you haven't already done so.

  • I've took a test today does it look positive 

  • I think I see something not sure what that something is though. I'd test again in a couple of days to be sure. Good luck 😊

  • imageimageDoes it look like its in the right place x

  • Stay positive.. Good luck ! :-) 

  • Looks like I'm not my period has came a day early 

  • My period came a day early but then it only lasted two days I've researched it and it comes up with implantation bleeding 

  • Hi. 

    I am exactly the same  position. 

    In January I found out I was pregnant but miscarried in March. I found out in April I was pregnant again but had miscarried by end of June. 

    It took some time to want to try but we never stopped trying. We have been ttc since June '17.

    I have now found that 2 of my closest friends and my sister are pregnant. I am so so happy but so gutted. 

    I cried when they all told me. So my friend is 2 weeks ahead of the other friend and my sister is 2 weeks after that. 

    And it will be the first grandchild. And to rub it in my first baby was due in October. I would only have 2 months left. 

    Feeling excited but jealous. Makes me feel like a terrible person. X

  • It doesnt help, but I know how you feel. I had a miscarriage 2 months ago at just under 5 weeks, and I’m pretty sure I’m having a miscarriage now at 6 weeks. The doctors won’t look into it unless I have 3 miscarriage so we just have to keep trying. I know it’s hard, but hopefully we will get there in the end and it will all be worth it! X

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