Am I pregnant


imageWhat do people think pregnant or not. Can see 2 faint lines 


  • I can see a second line but try again in a couple days. Looks promising!!

  • Hi i have the same problem, unsure as to whether this is positive or not image

  • Test again in a few days looks like my positive test I'm now 14 weeks pregnant I used these tests too 

  • Looks positive 

  • Did you get any symptoms, i have felt warm and nausea and had headaches for a few days now. Fingers crossed it is.

  • imageWould you take this as bfp only done the test 10mins ago 

  • Can see a line but like the others I'd test again in maybe 4 days. Yep loads of symptoms I had sickness( still getting it) hot flushes really sore and heavy boobs (they still are), i also got thrush which I never do, tired all the time bloating lol headaches are the only thing that I haven't had but I have with previous 2 pregnancies I also had implantation bleed had a faint positive like u ladies then tested 4 days later and got a very clear result used the same tests each time good luck ladies

  • Thank you ladies

  • Hi, just so you all know the test above was from a couple of days back, i took another test today and the line is much darker image

  • You're preggo! Congrats!!!

  • Eee thank you. Im trying not to get too excited as my af is 5 days away. 

  • Hi, ive just started getting watery discharge and needing the toilet a lot but not a lot is coming out. Has anyone else had this as early signs of pregnancy. My AF is due saturday. 

  • Just getting bloods back. Defo not pregnant xx

  • Gill :( 

    I have a thinner discharge when pregnant but that's normal to get in pregnancy more discharge u kinda feel wet like ur af has arrived so keep going to the toilet to check it's not the dreaded af and needing to wee more aswell because ur body has a baby growing so things get all squished together still take another test Saturday and because uve had early positive it should be a much darker line then ur others. I read that u didn't want to tell ur bfp before u knew for sure have u told him yet?

  • Hello, yeah thats exactly what it feels like...i hope it doesnt come. Yes i have told him but just said im still expecting af. So we are just being chilled about it for now.

  • Ps sorry to hear that Gill 

  • Gill sometimes you don't have enough hcg level in your bloods to confirm pregnancy i would retest saturday if its a bfp go back to your doctors Monday and show him, your line would of got darker as well. since my above positive test I've been testing everyday I've became a poas freak lol imageThis is dpo 11&12 imageDpo 12 & 13 

  • I'd definitely say u were pregnant mrsd can't have that many positive to not be congratulations. And Gill to be honest I didn't even think about that u could be testing far to early for the hormones to show up when is/was af due? 

    Will u be due in may time maybe have a look due in may 17 might have a group u ladies could join with symptoms and ladies will be at roughly same stage of pregnancy maube Danielle can send the link if there is one??

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