Faint line on pregnancy teat

Afternoon all!

Period 9 days late.

What I can only assume was spotting lasted for 5 days mid cycle.

Pregnancy test photo attached.

Very thin pale line appeared 2 minutes in. Have been adviced by specialist that providing this line is blue, then hGc is present (Evap line would appear grey or yellow, never blue)

I suffered a miscarriage end of May, but pregnancy tests both at the doctors and home have all been negative until now, and so I can only assume that I am pregnant.

Has anyone else had problems with Sainsburys pregnancy tests?

Will retest tonight with decent brand, but the suspension is killing me!!

Also, pain to left lower abdomen, last time this was due to ligament pain, could this be discomfort from implantation?


  • I had the exact same and wasn't pregnant. Blue dye are notorious for faint positives. Always stick with pink dye tests. 

    You're symptoms and the fact af is late is a good sign tho. Fingers crossed for you and keep us posted x

  • I done the same brand of test just last week and it read negative, absolutely no line.

    My last pregnancy wasn't detected until 5 weeks, so all fingers crossed.

    I'm just far too impatient to be waiting another few weeks for a positive.

  • I had this today? Was it a negative? 

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