ttc after 2 misscarages and a D&C

hello lady's i just have a question/concern. i had an early miscarriage at 4 weeks in Oct of 14 and followed by a molar pregnancy lead to miscarriage in Jan 15. After my second miscarriage i had to have a D&C because i was 12 weeks when i lost the baby and couldn't pass it on my own. so for 1 year i had to get my hcg levels checked to make sure they were coming down so we couldn't try until June 16. we have been trying ever since but no luck. I was just wondering if anyone has had problems getting pregnant after they have had a D&C? with my daughter who is 3 i got pregnant right away (with in a month of trying) and the same with the two i lost. but this month will be our 3rd cycle of trying so i am worried!!! thanks!

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