Faint second line, could it be true?

Couple of days before my period and took the first response test on the suggested day. Took first one yesterday and second today, both with faint second line. Prior to, I experienced mild cramps and mild sharp pains here and there last week and this week. 

Nipples are just now getting sore. Can't say this is anything out of the norm from when I get my period. Although I don't normally get mild sharp pains. Trying to figure out if it's possible to be pregnant. The test on the left is yesterday and the right side was this morning. Today marks 30 days from my last period but last month it was 33 days before it came so that's normal for me. I thought the second day the line would get darker if it was true but they are the same for now. Not sure if the second line seems darker either. image


  • Sorry, correction the test on the left was today and the test on the right side is yesterday. 

  • Those are clearly pregnant. 2 lines is pregnant...there are 2 lines. Simple x

  • Those lines aren't we call faint :) definately positive. Congrats!

  • Is this what a regular positive test looks like or does it also get darker? 

  • imageimageget the idea? 

  • Yes, thank you! i wasn't aware because it never happened and the past ones I took I threw out from previous months and could not remember. 

  • That is a clear positive, and I do think todays test is darker. you will eventually get both lines the same but it might take a few more days. 

  • I've been taking one test per day, this is the fourth day and today's line seems a bit lighter. I'm getting worried now. Does that happen to people? 

  • Do you always use the same brand? It's so easy to become line obsessed. The amount do times I thought mine was lighter or darker or a different shade etc. When are you due on? I became so obsessed with getting darker lines....then when my lines became darker than the test lines I started obsessing over digital ones tor make sure my levels were still high enough. It is so unhealthy but we are given no support or reassurance from hcp's. Did you take a pic of today's? 

  • I have it at home, once I get back I'll take a picture and send it over. I took an extra one to work today. I'll snap one one. But I think I need all of them side by side to really see. But this definitely worries me. I still don't even believe it. Thinking to take a clear blue test but kind of scared to see "not pregnant" result so I'm holding off. But I am sing the same test brand, all first response. And I have taken then all first thing in the morning, and the fourth one when I got into work at 9am 

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