AF cramps and pinching but no sign of AF? 15dpo

i am now 15dpo, still getting BFN but since Monday (12dpo) been getting bad AF cramps with pain on my left side and aching hips and ovcasional stabbing pains/ ache in my bits... but nothing. Still got all the other horrible symptoms too! Nausea, headaches, tired, bloated etc. So frustrating just wish AF would show!!! Not due Until Saturday but some months I get it  a day or so earlier, the cramps are usually my 12 hour warning..... But day 4 now and Nothing


my ov date was cd12 and am now cd26. I also had an ERPC a month ago.

anyone had this and gone on to get a BFP? Any advise? Is it normal? 

Driving myself insane! X


  • Time to stop panicking and chill.... Witch is here bang on 28 days :)

    relieved that my cycle seems to be the same as    it was pre-MC. Time for a full month of peeing on an OPK! 


    baby dust X 

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