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Trying to figure out the one step pregnancy test

Okay so I'm suppose to start my period tomorrow but I decided to take the one step pregnancy test that I bought off eBay.  And I took two and both gave me a faint pink line that I could clearly see does any one know if they are accurate and if I maybe actually pregnant , me and my husband have been trying for 1 year and it seems like it's impossible. 


  • Those little strips are pretty good I took them for my second and 3 rd pregnancy if u upload a picture if u can. It took 15 month to conceive my 1st and 2 years for my 2nd so it's definitely not impossible maybe test again tomorrow of ur period doesn't show. Best of luck 

  • Can you post a picture? I agree pink dye is pretty accurate as long as there is pink color to both lines.

  • I've always used them but this time I've had constant negatives. I'm thinking this isn't right I'm not on. I just no I'm pregnant went and bought other test and yep pregnant. Clear blue digital and  asda and answer tests all positive. Again this morning these strips still negative. Really shocked 

  • Hi ladies I'm in the same boaT took 3 one step preg tests since yesterday the first one image is the picture I uploaded the second was slightly pinker but faded after a couple of hours and the third is really faint to so unsure on how reliable these are 

  • Pretty good if u do them right in urine for the time stated as I found out did one it had a line similar to urs second one was even fainter on the same day the one I took the next morning was negative but I didn't leave it in long enough i then tested 4 days later only as couldn't get to the shops, 3 tests all positive on the same day. I'm now 20 weeks with baby number 3. I also used these to find out i was pregnant 2nd time. First response is supposed to be the best for early detection or supermarket own brands are also reliable. Good luck

  • Thank you for all your replays just did a clear blue digital and said pregnant 1-2 weeks so think that's given me more hope 

  • Congratulations if a clearblue says that u most probably are. I used a clearblue one first time, I now have a naughty nearly 4 year old lol 

  • I did two clear blues one yeterday and one today both said pregnant 1-2 weeks and had that faint onestrp test so. Feeling optimistic :) and  ey you love every minute though 

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