This awful two week wait, your symptoms?

Hello everyone, 

I am 24 and my husband and I decided to ditch the condoms and start trying this month. I have never ever been on the pill or any other form of contraceptive (only condoms). This is our first month of 'trying'. I finished ovulating 4 days ago and ever since my boobs have been so heavy and tender. I am craving chocolate just like I am on my period. I even fancied a cheese and relish sandwhich yesterday! 

Had some very mild cramping on on off. What symptoms did you get?

I am really struggling with this two week wait. It's driving me crazy!! I just want to know!! 

Would jut like to hear other stories and symptoms. Even advice getting through this 2 week wait.

Thanks ladies!! 


  • Hi! I am 26 and currently 18weeks pregnant with twins. My early symptoms were a yellowish discharge and some sharp needle like poking pain in my cervix. This is my second pregnancy I have a little boy that just turned 3. I didn't get nausea or breast tenderness till about a week after my first positive pregnancy test.

  • Congratulations!! Twins, how exciting!!

    Oh right, thanks for replying. This two week wait is killing me. 

    Well I haven't really checked discharge yet. I have had lower back ache today. Can't wait to test. 

  • Hi ladies, I am also in the dreaded 2ww. Symptom spotting like a crazy lady. It seems to be dragging so much! 

    AF due 30th Aug so still a week to go yet. Had lots of symptoms but can think of reasons for all of them. 

    How  are you all feeling. When are your AF's due xxx

  • Hello!

    I am due on the 28th. 

    I know it was awful. But did an early pregnancy test which came back positive on 7 dpo! Woo hoo.  

    Got some cheap ones from Amazon which came back with faint lines. Confirmed with clear blue this morning.  

    So excited. I thought my boobs we're bloody painful. I know, I was symptom spotting to. Now feels like I am now a period when I not. 

    Good luck! Hopefully you get a positive too!!! 


  • Wow congratulations that's wonderful news! I bet you are so happy! Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months. 

    I took a test this morning and got a negative but im still keeping my fingers crossed. I had a couple of really sharp pains in the right side last night that stopped me in my tracks so maybe implantation yesterday? Will wait and see if AF shows up on Tuesday. Going to start temping next month too and see if that helps.

    All the best in your pregnancy xxx 

  • Thank you!

    I know I did so many tests, even when they were negative I knew it was just too early. The first one that came back the line was so so faint. 

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Yeah it's just too early still. Good luck please let me know if you get a positive. 



  • I know I dont know why I keep doing it to myself. 

    I do have some positive signs like my cervix is still really high and the stabbing pains last night. Maybe if that was implantation then in a few days I can test again when the hcg will have started to rise. If not, we will just try again next month =)

    With my son (who we didnt plan to get pregnant with but were very happy) I didnt find out until I was about 3 weeks preg but had been feeling faint at times and then missed a period. And that was the only sign I had really. I cant say Ive been feeling faint this time though but I guess all pregs are different.

    Will keep you updated. 

  • Yeah everyone's pregnancies are so different. I spoke to someone at work she said he boobs we agony with her first. But didn't hurt at all with second one. 

    Yeah well maybe you did have a few symptoms but just didn't realise ad you weren't looking out for them. 

    Yeah hopefully you can test in a few days time and get a positive 

    Jan xx

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