The 2 week wait!! Weighing up very early symptoms - Part 4

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for The 2 week wait!! Weighing up very early symptoms - Part 3 as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Wow... Part 4!!!!! ❤️

  • Aww part 4. I read through part 2 and the start of part 3 before joining! 

    I have tested countless times but only getting very clear BFNs. Think my body is just recovering from the pill. Seems odd how I was told over and over again my the doctors and nurses to never be late with my pill or I will get pregnant. Now I want to conceive it seems ridiculous that one missed pill could ever have caused a pregnancy. Was on the progesterone only pill by the way.  

    Aw Sarah, day 42 for me too xx 

  • I came off the pill in January & didn't get my first AF until March - I think that's quite common depending on how long you've been on it for - so feels like weve been trying for ages but I guess this is actually only our 5th cycle x

  • yay lucky new thread! Lets hope for more bfps with new thread luck!

  • Part 4 already! ❤️

  • Misskiwi new threads have always bought us good luck 🍀 I can't remember did you get your positive OPK? 

    I've been so put off replying with the ad box in the way 😒

    I'm not suprised there's a new thread. The last one just went mental out of nowhere. 

    I was quite lucky ttc this time I got my true period 3 weeks after stopping the pill. I've been on and off the pill since I was around 15. So over ten years.

    How are you all? 

  • Hey beth! I think maybe they have fixed the ad? Seems to be ok for me now.

    yes i eventually oved and Im 6dpo now! Temp is good, sore boobs as is normal. Very calm right now but in 2 days at 8dpo its gonna turn into a storm if frantic testing, because, poas addiction. And I have ALOT if tests bahahahaha

    how are you feeling hun? How many weeks are you now?

  • And apparently I like to write 'if' instead of 'of' 😀

  • I've got two chuffin ads now. One on top another on the bottom.

    Oh about time then! Annoying how our bodies can throw us off sometimes. Hahaha 😂 if you've got the tests. I see no harm in being a poas addict lol. I have my fingers crossed for you. But cause you O'd late? Will your af be later than usual? 

    7 weeks now 😊 the queasy isn't as strong as when I had lo but still there. I just have to constantly eat to keep it at bay. Pretty tiring really. I suffer from car sickness and we nipped out today oh dear... Big mistake. Think I'll be keeping the car trips miniumal. Last time it was awful, seeing a repeat. But atleast the sickness isn't as strong. I felt awful with little man. 

  • Hi ladies I'm not surprised we are on part 4 how mad it's gone lol

    how you all doing? Kiwi where are you now how mand dpo are you? 

    betb hope your good. 

    Sugar how are you!

    us originals are drifting I'm missing you all 

    lhw is it the last day for AF tomorrow? 

    hows the rest of you lovely ladies xxx

  • Beth I think I will be the same as you if/when I get preggers, will constantly be eating to keep morning sickness at bay. And I bet I will end up as big as a house too eek yes AF will be due later now, i have a 13 day luteal phase so 14 days after ov day it will be due. 

    7 weeks wow!! Are you waiting till 12 weeks to spread the news??

  • Hey leo! Im 6dpo now! Starting to get into the exciting time. how are you??? Have you been to your doctors to say you have a bun in the oven?

  • Evening ladies, hope you're all having lovely saturdays  

    so, as expected, I caved and bought a test this afternoon but another BFN 😔 It wasnt a FRER as they didn't have any, but a clear blue that says can test up to 5 days early, don't know if that makes any difference? 

    im hoping it's still too early, and I'm still in for this month, but we'll see I guess 

  • Hi kiwi it's nice to have a calmer chat lol it's bin mental on Here. I'm ok apart from struggling with heartburn already and the sickness feeling isn't nice but I also have that horrible taste in my mouth it's awful I can't even brush my teeth without my mouth burning. It's so so sensitive but apart from that I'm all good. I have my first MW appointment on the 14th sept!! My app tells me I'm 8 weeks preg Im not feeling 8weeks at all!!

    I'm ready for a 12 hour shift tomorrow 😫😫 early night for me!! 

    6dpo is starts getting exciting!! Will you test early or wait for AF? How you feeling? xxx

  • Sometimes I look back at my posts and my spelling can be god awful hahaha 😂 I think I button bash too much. 

    Are you quite petite misskiwi? I was post pregnancy. I was happy at 9st 7 at 5ft 2. Had little man and nopppeeeee pregnancy changed that! Who cares?! I built a lush home for my son haha! See cause I was small I got big quick! But I was all water too and started showing quite early. 

    Ohhh not too long till you can start testing 😁 

    Handy being in tune with your body isn't it 😊

    What have you all been up to? I'm waffling can tell it's been a while. 

    12 hours offttt. Think we're having a jimmer day tomorrow. Weathers good for it. Its like autumn down here. 

    I'm lovely thanks Leo 😊 just tired and heartburn and sicky but good. I had my MW appt yesterday. Same MW as before was nice really. 

  • Beth I hope the weather cheers up for me to visit the beautiful side of England in 2 weeks time. Good to gear your well I can't believe how fact your Pregancy is going. Will you find out the sex? 

    kiwi I have a feeling this month... Let's hope your month ends up like mine.... late ovulation and u get pg👍 are you having a good day/wkend? 

    Lhw how you doing? Hope your having a lovely weekend too xxx

  • Hey winter, sorry about the bfn hun. First response are a little more sensitive than clear blue I think. Was it the clear blue plus you used with the blue dye? When it says on the box 'test 4/5/6 days before your period is due that is based off a 14 day luteal phase so what it really means is if they say you can test 5 days before your expected period what that really means is test from about 10 days post ovulation. they dont say that though because most ladies (except us die hard ttc forum ladies) dont know exactly when they ovulate unless they are temping or using opks. So just to put that a little more clearly, when it comes to testing its how many dpo you are that actually matters and not how many days till your period is due because AF due date can change depending on ovulation. I am the perfect example, if I didn't know that I had ovulated late, I would think that my period was due tomorrow and would have started testing yesterday perhaps and got bfn, when in reality I only ovulated 6 days ago and would get bfn even if I was pregnant. 

    That was a really long explanation, woops! Hope it makes sense!

    do you know how many dpo you are?

    Also, just to add something else, implantation can occur anywhere from 6-12dpo. So if you dont implant till say 11 or 12 dpo, you wouldn't get a positive until 13 or 14dpo. 

  • Hey Beth! No i am NOT petite lol have a look at my facebook. I used to dance ballroom competitively and was a bit smaller then, 5'4 and weighed about 63kg, but now weigh about 75 (eek) due to stress eating while we were living overseas and also after coming off the pill and my hormones went cray cray. I will be testing in 2 days you can bet money on it haha whats a jimmer day? How did mw appt go? 

  • Leo you are so sweet I REALLY hope you are right then me, you and Beth would go through preg together how lovely would that be? I think your app is probably saying 8 weeks going off your last period, but you know you ovulated late so that wont be right. I'm thinking you are probably about 5 weeks in doctors speak?

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