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Hi ladies I'm fairly new to all this as this is the first baby I'm trying for. over the years I have had many problems with the pill. I started the combined pill when I was 15 and was on that for 4 years. I then decided to go on the mini pill because I was having awful periods so the mini pill would stop them. I have been on the mini Pill since Feb this year. I stopped taking my mini pill half way through the pack as we decided to try. I have read to wait until I have a period which we are doing but I'm not using any coneception now. Is it possible to get pregnant without having a period first? I know it makes it harder to find out when your due date is etc but it's been 3 weeks now and I still haven't had a withdrawal bleed or a period. I have read that normal periods return within 2-4 weeks so I'm bang in the middle. I have done a test and negative. I was wondering if anyone has any stories about coming off the mini pill and when they conceived Or anything that would help speed the process along! Thanks ladies x


  • Hi Georgina,

    I'm very much in the same position, I stopped taking Cerelle 4 weeks ago and had no withdrawal bleed and I have no sign of a period. I have very limited knowledge about all this ovulation stuff because I didnt have any periods on the pill so Its been around 7 years since I knew what my cycle was! So I can't answer your question about getting pregnant without having a period although I would guess you could ovulate and catch before it became a period. 

    I have had every pregnancy symptom going since coming off the pill, currently struggling with heavy boobs and very sore nipples and have done for almost a week now. I have done a test but came up negative, I will test again later this week just to be sure. 

    I have read LOTS of stories online about coming off the mini pill and periods taking months and months to get back to normal, I'm hoping this is not the case for you (or me!). I would advise you just to ride it out and if you are actively trying then keep doing what you're doing. Theres little you can do to speed your period along so it's just a waiting game. For me the most frustrating thing is not knowing what's going on with my body, if it's just hormonal changes making me feel like this thats fine, and if it's pregnancy thats also fine - it's the not knowing that drives you crazy.

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • Hi georgina, waiting4baby1 has summed it all up pretty nicely. The only thing I will add is that coming off the pill can definatelt give you pregnancy symptoms as your hormones adjust,  but yes it IS definately possible to ovulate and get pregnant before your first period. 

    I highly recommend apps/websites like fertility friend for tracking your cycle, and ovulation tests to determine your ovulation date as incorrectly timed bd (baby dance) is the most common thing that will delay otherwise healthy and fertile couples from conceiving.

    good luck!! Xx

  • Hi 

    thank you for responding! it's all very up in the air at the moment and I really hope all these horror stories that take up a year for your period to return aren't true! Or I hope that I can fall pregnant without having a period! Would an ovulation kit actually work? As I have never known my cycle. I had my first period and then a couple of months later i was straight on the combined pill. I wish I had never started taking the mini pill seems like a nightmare! I wish you all the best too! 

    Thanks abain ladies x

  • I absolutely agree, I wish I'd never started taking this or I wish the doctor would have at least told me what would happen if I stopped! I even spoke to the nurse last year about what would happen when I stopped and she said nothing!

    I have never known my cycle either and have thought about buying these ovulation kits to see if that gives me any indication as to whats happening with my body. So if you do give it a go please keep me in the loop as to how you get on - it seems we're in a very similar position xx

  • Hi, i know what you mean it should be a clear thing they state before you start not just to hand it out to anyone! they have now put my little sister on it because she gets horrendous periods ans she likes the idea of no periods but I think I'll have to tell her about all these horror stories I know she's only young but when she wants to try and I don't want her to have been on it for years and have to struggle like some of these women on here. 

    I think i might give the ovulation kits ago as I've had all the symptoms of being pregnant very sore boobs, i thought I was going to come on but it was just discharge last week which apparently means your ovulating? So if you have had that try a lot in that week maybe. Feeling very bloated and feeling a bit sick. But it's so annoying because they are all symptoms of being due your period! Like you said earlier its the fact of not knowing- I just want to know what's happening in my body! But I will defiantly keep you in the loop if I try them.

    Does anyone else know if ovulation kits help in this type of situation? 

    thanks, Gina X 

  • I felt like that too when I first stopped taking cerazette which is also a mini pill, I was angry when I didn't get my period for werks after stopping it and then started reading all those horror stories online too! But in the end I did ovulate that first cycle, just late, and ended uo getting my period on day 43 after stopping. My cycle is still a little irregular but have been very stressed.

    ovulation tests are really very good! They will give you advance notice that your body is going to try to ovulate and means you can make sure you bd just before the egg drops!

  • I have done an ovulation test and there was a faint line. I will do another one tomorrow morning, would the line get stronger throughout the week or could it be an indication of me coming to an end of my ovulation? 


  • Everyone is different on that untortunately. Some people get a faint line all month long (me) and then blaring positive, some people get completely negative and then it gets darker as ovulation approaches

  • I will do another one tomorrow and see what that is like and keep posting!! thanks X 

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