Ovulation kits- do they work

hi ladies 

I wondered if you anyone of you could help me. If any of you have seen my previous post about trying for baby no 1 And just coming off the mini pill. I have been off the pill for about 3 weeks now. all pregnacy symptoms but as I know they are they same as having your period due, feeling sick sore boobs etc. Someone mentioned to me that ovulation kits can sometimes help. now I have never known my cycle. I had my first period when I was 15 and then a few months later straight on the combined pill for 4 years. in Feb this year switched over to mini pill With no periods. And been off for about 3 weeks with still no period or even a withdrawal bleed. Im wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and have tried the ovulation kits, do they work? As they aren't exactly cheap so I want to know if they are worth buying first. 

any comments are welcomed your stories any advice etc. 

Thanks, Gina X 


  • imageThis was an ovulation strip I've just done- the faint line in the square window? Does this mean I'm ovulating? as ive no idea when my cycle is so I thought I would get a kit and see what happens

    is anyone able to shead some light on this for me? As they instructions are very confsuing! 

    Thanks ladies 

  • The 2 x lines need to be equal strength to each other to indicate the LH surge which is before ovulation.

    Yours above is very faint so you have a way to go still.

  • I have got a whole batch of cheap sticks from the internet and then as they get stronger I am going to use the CB Digital to confirm it - those ones are expensive so am using the cheap ones until ready to confirm a positive.


  • Hi 

    I've spoken to some one else on here and they said its different for everything person, so the lines can get darker closer to ovulation but some lines stay faint throughout... I guess that's an indication on how strong it is the LH. 

  • I don't really know tbh as am quite new to it but have seen pics etc. And they do get stronger with the surge and then go lighter. Mine are getting stronger each day.... Still not positive yet. This is mine this morning and still not positive.


    If it doesn't get darker that can indicate that ovulation haant happened that month....

    if you have only been off the pill 3 weeks and not had a withdrawal bleed yet you may not have started to ovulate yet. Use an app and track your temps too

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