Implantation bleeding?

I know this question is probably asked a lot but I could do with a little advice. My last period was 21/07/2016 lasted 5 days, on cycle day 23 I had these strange cramps in my stomach that lasted 2 days, I assume was ovulation cramps, my boobs underarms was also sore. cycle day 30 I started spotting during intercourse, cycle day 31 and 32 had a light period with cramps, today cycle day 33, bleeding has stopped, only get brown spotting when I wipe. My boobs underarms are still sore, other symptoms this week are, sore throat, backache and a mild headache. My cycles are 32-34 days give or take, I know it would of been the right time for AF but I can't help feeling something is wrong as it was different this month then usual and my period was only light for 2 days and now has stopped, just a little confused. Does anyone have any experience of this? Or should I just assume it was my period? I don't want to take a test if I am just worrying over nothing. 


  • Well it turns out, I am 5+ weeks pregnant!

  • Wow Kimmy super Congrats to u wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy I am in my 2ww atm

  • Aw thank you! :) was totally unexpected. Bet it's killing you the 2ww! I hope you get the news you are hoping for :)

  • IIt is I have tingly sore boo so for about 5 days witch is the normal for me but not so far away from af so a bit confused atm

  • How many DPO are you? Tingling boobs are also a sign of pregnancy.

  • I am 7dpo I always get sore boobs when af due but my nappies are so tiggl

  • Lol nipples so tingly  atm

  • this sounds promising. I'm practically going through same. finished last pack of pills Aug 11thish . had normal period 13th. then didn't see anything until 17th September. this was 1-2days then gone. in between all of this had a week of nipples being really sore. loads of stomach aches..the stomach aches are still there now.. so because something still didn't feel right I took a test Sunday.. really faint 2 lines. but have taken 2 tests after that are neg.. need some advise. think it could drive a woman mad all the guessing. is it possible to be pregnant and see all of the above including the false tests and the short bleed???

  • You possibly could be pregnant, I took a test 3 weeks before and it was a negative, didn't test till the other day which made me roughly 18DPO 4 day's late for AF. Are you late? A line is a line, retest in a couple of day's, a week longer if you can. Tingling boobs sounds promising at 7DPO but implantation bleeding only occurs 8-9DPO i think so you wouldn't be getting any pregnancy symptoms till implantation.

  • thanks kimmy. it's a little confusing as I came off pill. the bleed I had this month was probably around the right time maybe a tiny bit late but was odd the fact it was for a short time.. so technically not late. I just don't know! so confusing x not really sure about ovulation dates or anything! here's the picimage

  • No worries :) It does sound really promising because that is exactly what happened to me! Was the bleed very light for two days, no clots and brown spotting? I can see two lines on your test so I would defiantly retest in a couple of days. I noticed this month with my cycle that was different was, creamy cm which you get before AF and yellow cm one night. 

  • Did anyone do temperature charts on here please xx

    That's what I thought but hubby says he sees my nipples darker also.  Bless him lol 

    Me personally I think it's my body adjusting to all the hormone changes after the coil removal x

    I had a dip today in temp which others suggest could be a implantation dip if it goes up tomorrow.  I thought it was a sign of af

  • hiya  the bleed was standard to a period I spose just for such a small time. was weird.when on the pill I was never very heavy but this time it was like hardly any

  • tested today. but when I finished work and negative. still got dull achest in my belly

  • Jem1234 that defintly looks positive to me Hun cx

  • did an asda test this morning and negative??

  • Hello ready and waiting, did your dip in temps rise? I didn't chart my temps but noticed my cheeks were getting flustered a lot lately. Jem1234 - give it a week or so and test again as if the bleed was implantation, takes 3-4 days after the bleed to get a positive result but that picture of the test looks like a positive to me.

  • the bleed was nearly 2 weeks ago now. I don't understand. clearly my body is playing tricks

  • Here is my chart today so confused.comimage

  • your chart looks promising,     have you had a rise in your temp after the drop?

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