TTC baby number 3


I'm new to this site!

We've started trying for baby number 3 I've been off the pill for a bout 2-3 months due to some issues then we decided to start trying this month, my last cycle was 24 days long the one before that was 27 days long, i've got an ovulation app on my phone but due to different cycle lengths I'm not entirely sure when I've ovulated, if my cycle is 24 days again then I'm due on tomorrow if it's 27 or 28 days then I'm due on Thursday or Friday have any of you tested with cheapies from eBay and got positives or negatives 1-4 days before periods due? Think I'm out this month as had negatives but will see with other tests in the following days x


  • I find that the Internet cheap ones don't show up until your hormones are quite high even the 10 miu ones. The superdrug extra sensitive ones ans clearblue weeks indicator will pick it up now. 

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