Trying to conceive

Hi All,

My due date for period was 22nd and i did early pregnancy test on 18th and got positive result.then on next day morning on 19th i got fresh cut like bleeding and in the evening on the same day i got a normal period bleeding like dark red and clumping type.

I did pregnancy test again and found negative!!!!!

Any one have faced same problem before?should i consult a doctor immediately? is it medical emergency?


  • Hi i have been in a similar type senario before, but I was on the combined pill. I had my break and didn't come on. I did a test and was positive. The next day I can on very heavy and clumpy. The following day I tested negative. I went to my gp and he said this is very common in women known as early pregnancy loss. However it could of just been a false positive because you were due your period. Because of the pains I was having I took it as a miscarriage. But I would definetly book an appointment with your gp.

    all the best 

    Gina X 

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