New here.. please help.. implantation?

Hi. I'll keep it quick.  I have endo and pcos. I had a scan last week to check no fluid in tubes all ok. .. I was due af on Tuesday 16th.. Altho I have very irregular cycles. On Saturday 20th very early hrs. Wento toilet and small blood with discharge... thought it was af.. then right up till 6pm just brown discharge. And nothing since... its now Monday pm. I have tender nipples however for 2 weeks my breast were tender but now mainly nipples. And have become quite spotty... I kinda feel sick but don't know if that's my mind play g games... I did a First response today and a cheap one both bfn. I just really hoped by some miracle it was an implantation bleed on Saturday as never ever had that before... failing that I have a fertility Apt in Oct to see if we can have a tablet like clomid or straight for ivf... please reply I'm going insane :). I mentioned implantation to do and he's going on and on how he thinks this is it,  it's the month and he's gonna be so dissaponted. .So will I of course. .. when do u think I should re test if at all..?. I have 2 cheapie left and one first response. X p.s I did test middle of the day not fmu.. please be honest if u think I'm I dream land xx 

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