Symptoms confusion !

Starting to think about a baby now (actually really want a baby) came off my pill end of May! Had 2 periods since!  Had sex on Friday 19th (hense very quick sex) period would be due roughly Thurs 25th, yesterday started to feel weird, achy legs, especially top of left thigh! Today dull but a bit of lower discomfort to right of abdo, a now and again aches under my arm pits, not sure if my boobs or not!  Hungry but then feel a little nauseous after I eat but never sick, could this just be period about to arrive! Also pee all the time but felt I did this anyway, also very bloated! Oh, would love to be pregnant! 😄😄


  • Hi

    i am in a similar sitiation having all the symptoms of being pregnant But the annoying thing is that they are exactly the same if your period  due. I have just come off the mini pill and it's been just over 3 weeks with no period but expirencing the same as you! It might be worth doing an early pregnancy test

    all the best 

  • Might be a bit early for a pregnancy test tho as only had sex on Friday past and period not due until this Thursday!  Think u would just be disappointed, might wait and see if my period arrives, thanks for ur message tho x

  • Today, I don't feel pregnant at all, yesterday I was getting excited but now no symptoms, I think my period will arrive soon!

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