Can someone please give me advice

Okay so basically i need as much advice and opinions as i can possibly get i took a pregnancy test this evening and it came up with what i believed to be a 'faint positive' but that line disappeared, so i bought a clear blue one an hour later that gave me a negative result .. im so confused with having that faint positive as my first result have attached a photo can people please let me know if they think i am? many thanks 

image        image


  • Really would appreciate any opinions, ideally if i am pregant or could it be a fault? 

  • Defiantly re-test, sounds like that one is faulty. 

  • So I'd test again u probably tested to soon after the first test for enough of the hormones we produce when we're pregnant to be detected on the second test. Use ur first wee of the morning to get a more precise result 

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