Is it possible I have implantation bleeding when my period is 3 days late?

I had sex when I was very fertile or near ovulation 3 weeks ago. I noticed that my body temperature is very high, Im very irritable and moody, exhausted, have loss of appetite. My period was not yet due when I began having these symptoms. But I had what was like a light period last week or when my period was 3 days late. It wasn't heavy nor did it have clots. I lasted about 5 days and it was the same throughout, never came heavier. Even after the flow has ended, I still feel irritable, exhausted, having shoulder and neck pains, my leg muscles are sore and my body temp is very high. Oh! I had taken a pregnancy test on the 2nd day when my period was late and it came back negative. I am confused, need a little advice or info. Thanks

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