Implant is missing

Ive been trying to get my implant taken out for the past 3 months, no doctor could find it so they done an xray. Still not found. Has this happened to anyone before? Also how have people found concieving after having the implant removed. Any advice is helpful  :) 


  • Hi kinderJb

    My implant was lost as well.  Expired in Feb 16.  Drs surgery could not find to remove, they tried twice, referred to a specalist centre.  They located via ultrasound and then removed, but they really struggled to locate.  It had been inserted to deeply and was inbetween my muscle layer and my tendons,  it took them 20mins to cut it out and I had to have 3 stiches.  I now have a lovely scar.  It was removed 17th May and I concieved on 24th July and am now almost 7 weeks pregnant.  

    See if you can be referred some for removal.  They did say when I was having ultrasound and they were struggling to locate that the next step would be to refer me to the doctor who works for nexaplon 

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