Shouldn't this be getting darker?


Hello, I'm very new to this - and not sure anyone will see, but I was hoping for some friendly advice. LMP 25 Jul and on a 26 day cycle. Trying to conceive our second after 9 months of trying. The dateless test was this morning and my question is, shouldn't this line be darker by now on first response test?? all other brands show negative... Including digital. Have been getting some cramps (takes breath away at times) but no bleeding whatsoever. To my eyes the line today is lighter than the one yesterday - or am I going crazy?? Should I ask doc for blood test or will I get laughed out of there at this early stage?

Or am I just going mad?? 😂😂

Many thanks! X 


  • Its darker than the one on the 23rd. From what the ladies have been saying on other threads, the HCG doubles every 48 hours, so it should be even darker tomorrow.

    Good luck

  • Thank you butterfly8002, that's what I thought but everyone on this site looked really helpful from previous threads and obvs can't speak to anyone I know just yet. 24 hours has never seemed so long! image

    Dont think i'll quite believe the positive until it comes from that darned clear blue digital! 

    Fingers crossed! 


  • Ha ha! exactly. Most ladies on here to say to wait until you're late to do the digi X 

  • Hi, also it looks like the dated two are a different brand to the most recent undated test, so that is likely affect how dark the line gets. 

  • image

    Thank you for your replies ladies. retested today with same brand and i think It's going away. image X 

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