Worried and pains

Hello ladies I would like someone could help me. The. Story I came. On. My period Thurs night then.by Saturday I came off me. And. My partner had sex 3 times then on Monday had. Sex with. Out condoms and. Tuesday. Had sex Wednesday didn't have sex but today we did as. I's my ovulating day um. I. Was. Thinking will or could. I. Be pregnant please help 


  • Well yeah there is a possibility of pregnancy if you've been having unprotected sex...you will have to wait until you period is due and see then about taking a test if no after turns up. It's to early to tell right now tbh. 

  • I've been having sex right up to my ovulation tomorrow and me and my partner had sex with out condoms or birth control I do get pains now and then x will I be come pregnant or being coming pregnant 

  • Not to sound rude I believe I just answered your question with the above messege.

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