Need a little advice

Okay so I have a question and I've been trying to do my research. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I'm only 10 days PO and 6 days from AF but my husband had me take 2 electionic hpt yesterday and the day before which were negative(hoping maybe I'm testing too early I've just never felt like this before or had any of these symptoms before AF). I've been nauseous, have headaches horribly, food aversions, always tired, get acid reflux after eating ANYTHING, and my breasts hurt like crazy which doesn't happen before my period or during alot with darkening areolos and nipples (TMI I know but it's never happened to me before) I'm 6 days away from starting my period. Yesterday I started bleeding not heavy but not really light either and it was like thin blood I guess you can call it and bright red which is different than my period and I never been early before , I've always either on time or a couple days late. I'm not sure if for some reason this is the first time AF came 6 days early or if it's heavy IB. Part of me says it's probably AF but I usually have signs of AF like discharge but nothing this time just came on. Just wanting some advice. Thank you so much! 

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