Please need advice??

well my story starts with I'm pretty sure I ovulated early this month around cd6-7, I had the ewcm and pains I don't use opk's or temp reliably, we dtd on those days. So by this I'd assume my af would be sooner given my 14LP doesn't change. Anyhow, I'm now I reckon by all this 17dpo (hoping I'm right) tested at 14dpo and 15dpo getting negatives and no sign of af. Had tons of symptoms, sense of smell, food aversion, sore boobs, metallic taste in mouth, cold symptoms, sneezing. All have gone apart from the sneezing. 

Am I just going insane and have all this wrong (dates) I have no one to talk to about this, and partner just keeps saying stop obsessing and relax ...hmmm yeah ok love lol 

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