Is this a positive?

imageI've been testing for a week now and it's been so frustrating!


  • hiya yep that is definitely a positive.. mine was like that and my little one is now 11weeks.... congratulations x

  • This is an ovulation test. They have been similar to this all week or no line at all.

  • So here is a little info. I pulled out my Mirena on the 16th. 2 days after I bled. Thought it was my period. Then it stopped. Next day I bled again and then stopped. Haven't bled since, and have tried a few times to make a baby. I have a medical condition called gastroparesis that makes me feel sick all the time. Last few days have been worse. I have been dizzy, lightheaded, more nauseous, crampy, bloated but that is a normal side effect of gastroparesis. I've been doing ovulation test. Almost every time the surge line has been there but not as dark as test line. Not sure what to think. I'd like to think I am pregnant, but may be just wishful thinking.

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