Early pregnancy symptoms

hey, was looking for anyone with early early signs of pregnancy that lead to their bfp. Ttc baby #1 and been trying around 6 months. Every cycle pretty much same and averaged out at 33 days. This month I have had mild to quite uncomfortable (waking me up in the night) cramps in lower abdomen from 4dpo to now 10dpo. really similar to period pains but I'm not due af for another 8 days. I have never had this before and generally don't get many period pains when af pops up anyway. I'm also constantly bloated and a lot more tired than normal...falling asleep and been late to work a few times which is not like me. Little bit of dizziness at the start of the cramping but other than that no nausea. I did a home test at 9dpo and got negative, but that was 9 days before af is due so I don't know what I expected. Has anyone else had these symptoms and gone on to get a bfp? 6 months has felt like forever I'm hoping these cramps are implantation!!


  • My period was due today but I got a bfp instead! !! I had a feeling I was pregnant 50 50 because I never had my af cramps had sore boobs and bigger for longer than normal . also no aggressive or moodyness feeling . felt more firsty and having a wee more also felt cold even though my skin was hot had longer cm slippery white colour also felt wet during ovulation and a week later the wetnes come back then dry for 2 days then white/yellow bits when I wiped . I think I had IB 4/6 days ago when I wiped I seen very lite pink on tp like start of spotting af and told my partner I'm having a early period again (lol) it was just one time . also craving peanut butter for 2 weeks (not had it over a year)  also I was gagging on my toothbrush when cleaning my teath this morning (my pregnant sign) and generly feeling different .  like tired and coming down with a 24 hour flu had a tiny bit of heartburn . also I've been more hungry and felt sick if I didn't eat something  .   I did test 5 days ago but got a bfn (too early) only because I had a pain go accros my tummy (inplantaion) also pinching in pelvic area . so cm today had a pure white (milk) cm thick sticky after my bfp and hot flashes so face feels like burning a temperature and cold hands and feeling cold everywhere else also I noticed I've had headaches for the last 3 days and not normal everyday ones like a migraine but not as inteness and was feeling sick .    hope this helps !!!  25 day cycle 33years old underactive thyroid  had a miscarage 5months ago and another 11 months ago so this is my 3rd time lucky rainbow baby .... baby dust to everyone 

  • Also bloated tummy (looks 3months preg) like if af is coming but I lost weight too  also I had cold feet but they started sweating without socks on and I where flat plimpsole lol  I didn't have my usual pig out on sweets 1 week before af moment 

  • I've been having the same, I've had cramps for the last 4 days and I'm now 7-8 days post ovulation, had my positive ovulation test on the 25th November and not sure where I count from which is why I said 7-8 days.

    I'm really struggling to sleep on a night with cramps and last night put a cushion under me and lay on my side which helped but then today again on/off cramps. I've currently got a heated wheat cushion on my stomach.

    I feel like a pressure down below and I'm bloated.

    I've been feeling really angry the last couple of days and snapping at my oh.

    Wondering if you've had any of those symptoms along with the cramps?

    Sorry I'm not answering your question but I'm so glad someone else has the same as me as thought I was going mad.

  • Oh and another thing, I had a couple of drinks Friday night, I wasn't drunk at all but after a couple of hours I went to bed and felt so anxious, dizzy and sick and ended up throwing up . 

    I also keep feeling like I've started my period and check and there's nothing there.

  • Can't sleep due to cramps so starting googling and found this


    Now I don't know what to think 😮

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