help and advice needed

Hi all, I went to docs last wk as I was a wk late but all the home tests said neg bar the last one I did was a very faint line she did bloods and it came back as 5 she said below that was a neg test so she said we needed to do another in a wk, I'm the mean time I started bleading just spotting light and pink intermittently to start but it became dark not heavy but Enoch to cote a pad or 2 this went on for 4 days then stoped, I had my other bloods done Friday but it's bank Holliday so won't get results till tues I'm so worried have I lossed? Was I even preg to start with ? Please help out my mind at rest.


  • Now I'm getting cramping and have light pink and browns discarge when I wipe dose anyone have any idea what's going on ?

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