Positive test after being told i could no longer concieve due to illness... please help.

imagehi everyone. Today i got this result on a test.

I have something called anedomiosis its similar to endimitriosis however it makes it near impossible to fall pregnant and the only cure is a full hysterectomy. I am only 25 so that has been really difficult. I already am lucky enough to have 2 children which is a blessing as we have had quite a few miscarriages while trying to concieve the girls.

I am supposed to be filling out a daily diary to chart my bleeding as i have constant heavy bleeds and pain. On the 16th august i was diagnosed with anedomiosis and had a scan to confirm it. Ever since i have had no bleeding though. I laughed with my partners as a few weeks ago the diary would have been full but now it looks like im a big faker as there has been nothing. I have no signs like i did with my daughters at all but i took a test and saw that within 30 seconds. After about 10 mins it started to fade but still there just not as dark so i took another but was negative not even a faint line. I took another and it looked positive like the first but then a frer from the shops was negative again.

I dont know what is going. Am i arent i. Anyone else had similar ? Xx


  • I've been trying since I had a miscarriage.... I've missed my period by 17 days but test all negative 😞

    But good luck I can see a faint line on there

  • We have had 7 miscarriages in the past 5 years. Due to the andenomiosis my body struggles to keep the baby.

    I have taken 3 more since postint all postive however i have started bleeding heavily.

    Thank you for replying i probably wont be back on here again so good luck i wish you all the best x 

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