Trying to conceive after miscarriage

There seems to be a grey area between when it is safe to TTC after a miscarriage, I found out on the 14th Aug I was expecting (6 +4  weeks) and on the 20th Aug I started miscarrying, I received a scan on the 21st to confirm this and have another scan today to make sure there isn't anything left. But to get to the point we are wanting to TTC but is it safe to do so straight away or is it best to leave it for a month or 2 until everything returns to normal? 


  • Hi Glasgow1994 I had a missed misscarriage and had a D&C on the 5th July This year. The doctor said we could ttc straight away, my first period came exactly 4 weeks after the procedure and it was the WORST period ever (I wasn't warned it could be so bad) and at the time thought I was having amother misscarriage. We have now been ttc again this month and af is due to arrive on Thursday.... I some cramping but not all the time. I honk your body will only get pregnant again when it's ready 

  • Hi glasgow1994 and Kico87. We're so sorry to hear of your loss. 

    We thought you both might find this long running thread helpful - there are lots of ladies there who have sadly experienced something similar to you, but we're sure they'll be able to advise you. 

  • Hi laddies I'm sorry about your loss. I Also had a miscarriage in June I was 8 weeks the baby stopped growing I was going up to the hospital 3 times a week for blood tests as hormone levels weren't rising enough the highest they went to was 66 then sadly dropped to 0 me and my husband have been trying ever since has anyone got pregnant straight away after a miscarriage. Thanks x

  • Hi ladies - I had a missed miscarriage in July - was 10 weeks but baby stopped at 7 weeks. i had an ERPC and the doctor said to wait 4-6 weeks but I had heard that it was only because of dating etc. my first period was bang on time and only lasted 24 hours if that - however, the cramps were pretty bad. I am not about to ovulate on cycle 2 and hoping this time we are lucky.

    There is another thread called trying to conceive after miscarriage part 9 and I read it all the week after my MC - found it very helpful and comforting - its worth a look :)

  • Hi butterfly8002 I was the same I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks I Also started bleeding 24 hours after but it lasted 4 days I had horrible pains I went to the hospital to get a scan to make sure everything was away and to make sure my levels dropped to 0 they told me not to try untill I had at least my first cycle im still trying now 3 months later. 

    I'm sending lots of baby dust your way x

  • I didn't bleed after my ERPC at all - was my actual period that only lasted 24 hours - if you can even call it that - but was v painful. Hoping I am all regulated now.

    I am feeling a lot more relaxed and comfortable about TTC this month - Cycle 2 - a lot happier and ready. Got my flashy smiley face on the dual hormone sunday, monday and today so hoping for OV tomorrow :) Don't see the OH every day though which is a pain as we don't live together yet which is proving to be a pain during fertile week!!!! especially when he has to work late too.

    Loads of babydust your way too - have decided I am not tracking at all next month - am just going to have my holiday and relax.

  • Hi I was wondering if I could be pregnant me and the hubby had sex on the 27th 28th and the 30th which is the day I ovulated I had my period on the 19th it lasted 3 days I'm now feeling sick most mornings when I wake up and during the day to but not been sick I'm starting to have a wee bump but pregnancy test says negitive someone please help 

  • You are far too soon to have a bump. If you ovulated on 30th you are only 6dpo. You will also be too early for a PG test. It's possible you could be. I am 5dpo and ovulated on the 31st so almost same as you. 

    i was really tired and had nausea for first few days but OV hormones can cause that too. I am trying to ignore any symptoms I have because I had them all last month and was my body playing tricks. Hold out until 10dpo if you can as thats generally the earliest a BFP will come up apparently. Just remember by testing early you run the risk of getting a BFP that doesn't actually implant and then more heartbreak. I am uhmming and ahhhh over whether to test early or not. Not sure I could cope with that.

    good luck x

  • Thank You I thought the same but I do really have a bump I dont know how as I am to early to show I'm the same as you all this week every morning I feel sick but not actual sick and same through out the day I Also get a really sore back I really hope I am pregnant me and the hubby have been trying since we had a miscarriage. Good luck hopefully you get the news your looking for x

  • Butterfly8002 Its now letting me out a pic up for you to see how do I do it? X

  • There is a camera logo top right in the reply section. 

    My stomach is big too as bloated. I had the same last time I was PG before my MC. Bloating but not a baby bump. 

    Hope you get your BFP too x

  • When I was last pregnant I lost the baby at 8 weeks me to my belly was really big but only had a sac measuring just 4/5 weeks if I am pregnant hope it doesnt happen again as my belly looks really round like I'm like 2 months pregnant its not letting me attach my picture so I pm you it xx

  • It didn't come through.

    i was 10 weeks but baby died at 7 weeks.

    I was bloated etc when I first found out which eased off but then I had a tummy all of a sudden the week before I found out I miscarried but it was because I had an infection. Got taken in an ambulance, Spent 2 nights in hospital on an antibiotic drip and had emergency surgery. 

  • I had a natural miscarriage no explanation why or how it happened it just happened I was absaloty gutted I was bleeding for about 4 days with clots the pain i had was horrible felt like I was in Labour anyway I will keep you up dated when I take a pregnancy test good luck x

  • Thats how mine was. But because of the infection i had to have an ERPC. 

    Really hope our bloats are baby bloats :) and we get our BFPs x

  • I would love to have another child i have 2 kids I have a boy and a girl 4 and 7 I would love another wee girl finger are crossed for you x

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