September Clomid Cycle!

I will be starting my first round of Clomid sometime in the next week. Just wanted to start a discussion for those out their in the same boat or some success stories from taking Clomid. A little back story on my husband and I. We haven't been trying for that long but, my doctor knew I wanted to start and he wanted to get me back on my regular ovulation cycles. I had an IUD for 4 months when I had it removed at the end of June. Had a period in the first of July and haven't had one since. That puts me at cycle day 60 today. I just finished my progesterone so, my period should come anytime now and then I will take Clomid cycle days 3-7. I will be heading on a trip the weekend when I will start taking it so, praying I don't have extreme side effects. Hopefully we will get pregnant quickly. I am also taking ConceiveEasy, my prenatal and an baby aspirin daily to hopefully increase my chances on conceiving quickly. Best of luck to all in your TTC journey. Baby Dust to all! 


  • Hi I had my first round of Clomid in August I am late with my period, done a test I think I maybe  able to see a very very faint cross or am I is haul thinking , help

  • Hey if you have a picture of the test, show me!

  • Hello.

    So how did you go on Clomid so far? And have you run any tests? Like the standard blood test like checking your thyroid, sugar, blood cells count... Gynecologist.... ??

    I will be back on Clomid... Hopefully in 4 days ;) I had two rounds before summer time(as we went to fertility clinic), then went for a long holiday. We wanted to have a third go... But my AF didn't show up in time, and I got one on the plane. Drama entrance for sure! So I gave up for 3months and took matter of it with a private gynecologist. I had a topic in chats Starting Clomid March 2016... But since summer time I can't get hold of anyone back on the chat again. But you can check it out. Read on what you're looking for, stories support ideas etc. There is actually a lot to read on, on this website and many others. The stories are all different. All depends on your own body really. 

  • So how did it go ??? 

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