Am I???

hi there new here so hi everyone, I've done a couple of tests recently and got a shadow line my partner says pregnant  but I'm really unsure any help would be great... Thanks image


  • When are u due on? I can see a faint line so i would recommend retesting on the day of ur period or in 48hrs first morning wee of the day aswell good luck 

  • Thanks so much for your reply, I have a blood test tomorrow as my periods are all over the place I last had some bleeding 3 months ago for 2 days very light spotting then 3/4 weeks ago I had bleeding for a week I was on the pull cerazette but had stopped about 2.5 months ago tools ages to finally bleed. I'm thinking if that was a period I may have another in 2 weeks time. 

    Ive done a cheepish superdrug test but that looks like it only recognises hi hcg levels the one in the picture was from a chemist but says detects much lower levels. I'm having so many "symptoms" nipple and boob soreness gone up a cup size already! C-D weight gain so tired back pain and really horrible pains in my stomach but no bleeding. I'm hoping i am and partner is already excited don't want to let him down! 

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