Could I be pregnant?


I've been feeling weird lately, I have sore swollen breasts, lower back pain, bad headaches (very often), cramps, 2 days late on my period, dizziness, and nausea... So I took a pregnancy test this morning and I may be going crazy but I could see a very faint line! I know I made a big mistake for buying the blue cheap tests but to be honest I never thought I could be pregnant... I bought a  first response test and I will test agai in a few hours.. It's just driving me crazy not knowing if there's a line or not! I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks! 😁


  • Im going through the same Dilema ! I have been trying for about 5 months now, and the pregnancy tests i have taken have been a very faint line too. Except for a digital first response told me I wasn't pregnant. But the lines test said I was. Feedback is very appreciated

  • I just took a first response test and it came back negative 😥.. I really had my hopes up.. But I guess we'll have to wait to try next month. Babyyfever  I understand how disappointing it is to wait for a positive . I'll keep my fingera crossed for you and hopefully you get the positive you are waiting for really soon! 

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